I offer the following services to help your organization thrive by
facilitating activities that improve the health, creativity, and
connections of its members (both clients and staff).

Laughter Yoga Session

Description: Laughter yoga is a series of fun “exercises” that
stimulate group laughter.

Benefits: The three main benefits of group laughter are health,
harmony, and happiness.

Requirements: Ideally a private room with a large open area. No
fitness or yoga experience necessary

Rate: The usual class is 60 minutes and is $5 per person however
both the duration and fee can be tailored to fit your budget.

A video example:

Communication Workshop

Description: Communication is key to all relationships. I will present a fun and interactive workshop on how we can better communicate via the “4 Level Connection” communication technique.

Benefits: This help people be much better listeners and hence better friends and co-worers.

Requirements: a meeting room with whiteboard.

Rate: The usual session is 60 minutes and is $100/hr.

A video example:

Career Exploration Workshops

Description: I offer several workshops around Career Exploration to help people discover who they really are and what career would be a good fit. Topics include:

  • Personality Dimensions

Benefits: This can be life changing as it give people information and tools to help them make a career shift as I have done. Finding a better fit for who you are means loving what you do and consequently doing a better job which leads to happier customers and a happier world.

Requirements: Classroom with whiteboard.

Rate: $100/hr

A video example:

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