I offer the following services to help your organization thrive by
facilitating activities that improve the health, creativity, and
connections of its members (both clients and staff).

Laughter Yoga (laughter games) Session

Description: Laughter is the best medicine! I will lead a fun Laughter Yoga session for groups of any size. Laughter Yoga is a series of fun “laughter games” that get people laughing!

Benefits: The three main benefits of group laughter are health (physical, emotional, & mental), harmony (promotes team bonding), and happiness (brings you into the present moment).

Requirements: Ideally a large open area (indoors or out). No fitness level or Yoga experience necessary. We do not do any Yoga poses — this is not your regular Yoga class!

Rate: A usual session is 60 minutes and is $100/hr however both the duration and fee can be tailored to fit your needs and budget.

A video example:

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The “4 Level Connection” Communication Workshop

Description: Communication is key to all relationships. I will present a fun and interactive workshop on how we can better communicate via the “4 Level Connection” communication technique.

Benefits: This help people be much better listeners and hence better partners, friends, and colleagues.

Requirements: A meeting room with whiteboard.

Rate: A usual session is 1 to 2 hours and is $100/hr.

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Career Exploration Workshops

Description: I offer several workshops around Career Exploration to help people explore who they are and what careers might be a good fit for them. Topics can include:

  • Discover your strengths and growth areas through Personality Dimensions®
  • Clarify your values and skills with fun card sorting games
  • Find your life trajectory via a “Life Line” diagram
  • …and much more…

Benefits: This can be life changing as it gives people information and tools to help them make a career shift as I have done. Finding a better fit for who you are means loving what you do and consequently doing a better job which leads to happier customers and a happier world.

Requirements: Classroom with whiteboard.

Rate: $100/hr

Book a session now by calling  +1.604.318.6658 or emailing

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