We truly appreciate your venture. We will definitely report in our website. Keep it up.
– Dr. Madan Kataria, Father of Laughter Yoga

Chris, thanks for Universal Laughter and your creative idea to give a daily dose of laughter on YouTube.
– Arya Pathria, President of Laughaway (Dr. LAUGH)

Chris you are incredible! 100 days of Laughter has been such a gift in my life. You truly are an inspiration to the rest of us to laugh more, share joy and get silly.
– Jeannie Magenta, Vancouver Laughter Leader

Thanks so much for all the work you did, you made a HUGE difference. I really appreciated working with you and the fact that you pretty well single-handedly lead Laughter Yoga and TED Theater.
– Eeva Isaksson, Training coordinator at SAP (Vancouver office)

Your video made my day. I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful laughter you brought to our program.
– Mog Hesthammar, Instructor at Cornerstone College

Contact me on my cell at +1.604.318.6658 or via   email at chris@universal-laughter.com